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363-pound woman says dieting too young lead to dangerous putting on weight


Danyeil Durrant was 10 years old when she first began dieting. She had no idea she'd be wrestling with her eating routine for the following 30 years.
This year, after many years of alternating between dieting and splurging, Durrant choose to go from "chubby little girl" to a morbidly obese woman. The 5-foot-2 paralegal from Sebastian, Florida, weighed 363 pounds.
She'd quit going to theme Zi Xiu Tang Pollen Capsule parks and concerts because she couldn't fit in the seats or walk without knee pain, and she couldn't enter her car without losing her breath. On airplanes, she'd to fly first class but still use a seatbelt extender because she was too large for coach seats. She took showers because she couldn't lift her body from the bathtub anymore.
Durrant's doctor told her that her cholesterol was so bad "that I was going to possess a cardiac arrest within 10 years if I didn't change my ways."
Besides the physical toll, her self-worth was shot.
"I spent 30 years of my entire life believing that basically could just lose this weight, then my entire life could begin, then I'd result in the cheerleading squad, i then might take that vacation, then I would satisfy the man of my dreams, etc.," said Durrant. "I never felt like I was enough."
Durrant, now 41, attributes a lot of her putting on weight to dieting at such a young age.
"It taught me that deprivation was the only method to lose weight, which food was bad," she said. "I thought I was fatter than I actually was, and I never developed (a proper) self-esteem."
She felt helpless, knowing her lifetime was at risk although not knowing how to change.
August 3, 2012, marked the beginning of her new life. That night, she what food was in a dinner on her sister's birthday, "pigging on the fattiest foods possible," when her sister mentioned she had joined Weight Watchers and was having success by using it.
Durrant joined Dieters the following morning together with her closest friend and never looked back. With the company's points system, she learned how you can create a balanced meal. She found the system wasn't as restrictive as many other diets and allowed her to enjoy foods like steak as long as they were eaten moderately.
Durrant stopped eating junk food and threw in the towel soda. She began to appreciate -- and finally, to like -- fruits and Bee Pollen Capsules vegetables.
Most importantly, she eliminated lots of guilt by realizing that eating something unhealthy didn't equal failure.
"In yesteryear, if I ate things i considered non-diet food, I thought I'd ruined everything, and that i would quit whatever diet I was on," Durrant said. "Now I know that I can still occasionally splurge, attend celebrations, visit restaurants -- since i have learned how to pick something healthy anywhere I go."


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