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An energy sustaining superfood breakfast protein shake


How would you like to feel more energetic, focused, happier and fulfilled for the entire morning?

Here is a breakfast that can make you feel all that and much more!
This sort of breakfast is easy and quick providing you with Much more nutrients, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals than your typical breakfast. Plus, it can help you lose weight when you are at it since it may cut back on your overall calories consumed during your day and food cravings, as well as the actual weight reduction properties 3 Day Fit the super-foods during this shake contain!
Besides breakfast, this shake can also be used as a mid afternoon snack or a post- workout protein shake to repair and recover your muscles faster!
In the video I'll be showing you how I make my special superfood shake.
Here are the properties and advantages of each superfood and ingredient of the items I call:
Acai Cacao Superfood Protein Bliss!
Cacao Nibs- Has 9 grams of fiber per ounce, contains Iron which is ideal for manufacture of red blood cells, has more antioxidants than blueberries and goji berries combined with no sugar, its a natural mood booster due to the neurotransmitters which are released, contains Phenylethylamine (PEA) (which the body produce naturally) that enhances focus and application, has anandamide- a feel good chemical that has the molecular form of THC that is what is found in Marijuana. Note it does dilate the blood vessels much like caffeine, so may not be great for some people, and certainly not good for your pet.
Yacon Syrup - comes from a potato like root vegetable indigenous to South America. It is have less glycemic index so doesn't affect blood sugar levels much, contains antioxidants, is anti- microbial, has liver protecting properties, might help lower cholesterol levels and tryglicerides can help and can improve digestion since it contains prebiotics, and may assist with weight reduction.
Cinammon- Antioxidant (among the top 7 on the planet!)helps improve glucose and lipid levels which can be good for the prevention for type 2 diabetes as well as help those who already have it reverse it, helps lower cholesterol levels and lower tryglicerides serves as anti bacterial and anti fungal which is ideal for the intestinal eco system (great for IBS)and combat several strands of Candida including candidiasis, krusei, and tropicalis- particularly cinnamon oil! Just be cautious with cassia cinnamon because it can cause liver damage. Ceylon cinnamon might be a more sensible choice.
Acai- A personal favorite Superfood in the Amazon Rainforrest in Brazil! Has super antioxidants hundreds of times higher than your daily apple. In recent studies within the University of Florida by Dr. Stephen Talcott there have been 7 Days Herbal Slim shown 50-75 vitamin and mineral compounds which have not yet been identified. Full of B complex and Vitamin K and has a nice balance of fats which help in lessening cholesterol and tryglicerides.



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