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Is Exercise Making You Fat?


Let's forget all the diet trends, tips, hacks, advice - whatever you want to call it - as it were. The formula for losing weight should be really quite simple: use-up more calories then you definitely consume. That means exercise Green Lean Body Capsule ought to be an essential aspect in slimming down, right?

Well, as the Ny Times reports and a new study suggests, there is a operate a physical exercise program could actually cause weight gain - and never from muscle, from actual fat. Yes, should you just quickly read the abstract of the study and the inflammatory media headlines (guilty as charged), being active is apparently the latest culprit that's causing you to fat.
Now wait another. Before you storm over here with your dumbbells and TRX straps, let's let you know that science may even reach this conclusion. 
The study, published in the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research, asked 81 overweight but healthy women to voluntarily partake in a 12 week aerobic fitness exercise program. They weren't asked to change their diet program. Of course, you'd assume three months of standard treadmill sessions would burn away some fat. That was incorrect for most from the women.
In the NYT: 
"At no more 12 weeks, the women were all significantly more aerobically fit compared to what they have been in the beginning. But many were fatter. Almost 70 % from the women had added a minimum of some fat mass during the program, and several had gained around Ten pounds, most of which was from fat, not added muscle."
How's this even possible? Another study on 2013 in Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise might have the solution.

It seems exercise may not be directly to blame. It is the people actually doing the exercise, who gobble a whoopie pie following a gym session as a reward or decide it's Okay to then not move for the rest of the day. Put more scientifically from the study's abstract, "some individuals adopt compensatory behaviors, that's, increased energy intake and/or reduced activity."
Quite simply, they pig Zhen De Shou out and bum around after getting home from the gym.
So no, exercise is not making you fat. That it is making you healthier and happier. But this studies have shown that for weight loss, exercise is not the only quick fix. No doubt it's a key element, but same with your kitchen. This means you can't use your training being an excuse should you actually want to slim down. It does not compensate for poor eating.


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