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New York's Cuomo warns snow-hit Buffalo of risk to roofs


New York Governor Andrew Cuomo warned residents of Buffalo, Ny, that is still digging from as much as seven feet of snow, to watch out for roof collapses as 

the weather warms.

With temperatures likely to reach 59 2 Day Diet Pills degrees Fahrenheit, the location faced a high risk of floods as the snow melts, though so far has escaped major
flooding, Cuomo said Monday.

He warned individuals to look for indications of their roofs weakening underneath the heavy weight of the snow, noting that noises were a warning
manifestation of a possible collapse.

"If you are in a building and you hear creaks, or you hear groans, please contact the authorities immediately and obtain out of the building," said Cuomo,
flanked by emergency officials.

The location was braced for high winds and downed trees on Monday afternoon, with the National Weather Service warning that winds would blow at 25 to 35 mph,
with gusts as much as 60 mph. The waterlogged ground managed to get much more likely that trees would fall, raising the risk that homes and businesses would
lose power.

Larry Miceli, 59, was busy on Monday putting sandbags round his home, located in a low-lying area near a creek.

"If the creek goes over its banks, the water will eventually run to where I'm," Miceli said. He explained the storm marked the third time this season his
house has been at risk of flooding.

"Sometimes you wonder what you can take. It simply keeps coming," said Miceli. "It doesn't seem right."

Thousands of sandbags have established Lida Daidaihua Capsule yourself round the city, said Erie County spokesman Peter Anderson. He said the county hasn't seen flooding yet and
you will find no ice jams on local waterways.

More than 775 members of the brand new York National Guard have been ordered into Erie County and Buffalo to help with flood prevention after efforts to
remove snow carrying out a record three-day snowfall that killed 13 people.



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