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The naked yoga teacher


The arrival of our teacher, Annette, quickly put my thoughts at rest. She was so pleasant and calm, so obviously not weird, that I felt churlish to have had 
doubts. It started to dawn on me that it is peculiarly British 2 Day Diet Lingzhi trait to both fear and mock nudity.
In the downstairs bath, I became popular my clothes and wrapped myself inside a sarong. Annette had suggested I bring some if that made me feel much more 
comfortable. They'd also be needed to cover the yoga mat I was borrowing.
Pushing aside squeamish thoughts about hygiene (would anybody leak or break wind?) I made my in place the stairs towards the studio.
Four naked men lay on mats using their eyes closed. Scrunching up my own eyes, because I didn't want to appear to be gawping at their intimate regions, I 
hurried to a spot by Annette. Lying down while gripping my sarong close, I stared in the beamed ceiling and attempted to relax.
Indian music was playing gently, subtle-smelling incense was burning, along with a fan heater blew warmth into the room. It was 10am on the Monday morning 
and that i was being invited to chill out - bliss. 
'Spread your legs hip-width apart'
Annette's quiet voice instructed us in our practice. "Keep your vision closed," she calmly reminded us as we did positions that involved mentioning our legs 
with knees bent and parted to hip width. I tugged my sarong so it safely covered my exposed groin. "You're ok, you can do this," I reassured myself.
We glided via a number of poses until the fateful moment came - it was time to rise from vulnerable to standing. Taking a deep breath slowly, I dropped my 
sarong to the floor and stood entirely, naked glory.
Nothing happened. Nobody rudely stared inside my soft belly with no longer pert breasts. Thoughts ran through my mind as my confidence bloomed: I'm 50-plus, 
I've created two children. I'm strong and invincible. I am woman!
I hadn't even realised there was another female in the room, apart from our teacher and me. It had been reassuring to determine that her body wasn't perfect 
either, and nor was Annette's. We were just people: stripped in our outer trappings, bare as babies and kind of lovely as a result.
By the time the class drew to some close, I can honestly report that I felt happier in my skin. I'd sneakily peeked at strangers' nudity and hadn't been 
aroused, repelled or shocked. It's clothes that accentuate sexiness, I thought, because the nude body is downright normal, even wholesome.
My fellow yogis agreed. Once we'd got dressed again, I chatted to a few them. Colin, 56, explained, "We're so prudish within this country and regard the 
human body as indecent or demeaning. However this is an extremely respectful space where nakedness is an everyday part of life."
Stephen, 59, said, "You don't notice anyone else while doing the class; you're just at one with yourself and searching inwards, not outwards."
Women's body confidence
Tina, 41, had a different take. "I was glad you were here too, because I didn't want to be the only real woman," she said. "I think we're shyer like a 
gender, less body confident. Did you notice, for instance, how none of the men covered themselves when you, Annette and I all did in the beginning and end 
from the class?"
"Perhaps there's more societal pressure on women to possess a perfect shape while men are pleased to allow it to all spend time?" I suggested.
"Maybe," she replied. "But when all's said and done, the naked body is actually completely banal."
We all agreed that naked yoga wasn't something we'd did as young people, when we had more hang-ups and cared too much the other people thought. "The older 
you receive, the greater comfortable you become with who you are," said Tina.
I went home feeling quietly happy with myself, having faced the challenge and located it exhilarating. I'd even discovered a secret liking for being naked 
with strangers. What beckons next - pole dancing?!
Regarding sex, which my buddies insisted naked yoga was about? My hubby had hoped it would do wonders for all of us, but my classmates warned me otherwise.
"You feel on the Lingzhi 2 Day Diet high immediately afterwards, but that doesn't invariably result in better action within the bedroom," went the overall consensus. 
Annette begged to differ, saying, "It puts you in tune together with your body, enables you to more spontaneous and accepting. By doing so, it benefits your 
love life, along with other areas of your lifetime."
So there's just one thing for this: practice makes perfect.


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