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Valley fighting the battle of the bulge


THE Clarence Valley is feeling the squeeze using more than 23,000 residents fighting the flab.

A unique APN investigation has revealed 2 Day Diet Pills the region's shocking health problem.

New University of Adelaide research shows 5303 men and 6134 women residing in the Clarence Valley Council area are obese, while 7145 men and 4832 women are overweight.

That contributes up to a whopping 23,414, or 45.8% of the region's 51,043 residents.

While the figures are alarming, the Clarence Valley area has among the lowest amounts of obesity in New South Wales.

It's ranked 45th around the obesity ladder and 107th within the overweight standings.

Gilgandra and Upper Hunter Shire top their state for that number of obese and overweight residents respectively.

Weight-related health problems cost the nation's hospital system about $4billion every year, the Sax Institute's 45 or more Study found.

The shocking statistics follow the recent release of a study that found slimming down slowly was the only way to keep the pounds off.

A study published in the respected Lancet Diabetes & Endocrinology journal reveals that individuals who lose weight rapidly regained it faster than those who shed pounds on the longer period.

University of Southern Queensland academic Lindsay Brown said a slow and steady approach will make a positive change within the battle of the bulge.

Professor Brown, a member of the university's Health faculty, said people should set realistic targets.

"They should be looking at half to one 2 Day Diet Japan Lingzhi kilogram per month and that will stay off," he said.



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