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Women need to increase awareness on their own rights


There's a have to educate women and increase their knowledge and awareness around the importance of knowing their rights and how to protect themselves said Liberal Democratic Party, Wanita Chief Datin Shim Nyat Yun.

Speaking in the joint opening ceremony of 2 Day Diet the 25th Annual Ladies and Youth Movement Conference at Magellan Resort and Spa on Sunday, she said there must be programmes to help women be more conscious of their rights and know how they can protect themselves.
"The government should increase the programmes to prevent domestic violence and provide marital counselling to women. Welfare Departments should also provide assistance to ladies who are single mothers or divorced and husbands should also have to pay social insurance for ladies," she said.
She also said the programmes should include self-improvement courses to help women to re-enter into society. This could likewise incorporate job opportunities for ladies who've long left the working force and now have are self-reliant.
Furthermore, she also proposed for government to supply new social pension insurance for the elderly in the country.
She said this call is on the basis of the introduction of the service system for that elderly high ought to be an establishment of the social welfare and social assistance system so that they can retire without worry.
She recommended that over the legal age of 55, parents is deserving of five percent of their monthly pension in the children wages.
Shim also proposed that the government should provide more incentives to people to shed weight as a measure to lessen the growing obesity problem in the country.
"One third of those worldwide are obese or overweight. The obesity rate in Malaysia is among the dominant figures among the South East Asian country. Why, we're sixth in countries with obesity issue in the Asia Pacific region."
"Therefore, we ask the government to assist let the individuals to actively slim down by providing subsidies for sports courses. Company may also have mandatory participation of employees in sports to help them live a healthier lifestyle."
She also called on schools to have restriction on the quantity of processed 2 Day Diet Pills food sold with more food with less sugar, salt and oil for sale instead.
She concluded that women should not be discouraged when faced with failure but instead go as experience in which to gain wisdom.


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